Restraining Hollywood Presents "Up North"


A campy horror film involving a young psychopath killer stalking young 20 somethings in the Beautiful Lakes area in Minnesota. Dillon saves his Boss Mr. Rosenberg some dough and earns some much needed respect around the office. His boss gives him the keys to his cabin, so Dillon gathers a group of friends and goes up for the weekend. Little do they know there is a Psychopath-Killer that has other Plans for them. Watch as the horror unfolds in "Up North", the 1st Restraining Hollywood film! It truly is a MasterPiece(of Shit)




Brandon Van Vliet

Evelynda Miller

Jessica Auge

Adam Simon

Anna Thompson

Brad Fesler

Chad Baker

Eric McCulloch

& Braden Palmer as the Killer


Directed by Brandon Van Vliet

Produced by Brandon Van Vliet

Story by Braden Palmer 

Screenplay by Brandon Van Vliet

Cinematography by Andrew Walbon

Music by Damon Kalar & DJ Skagnetti

Edited by Adrew Walbon

IMDb : 


45 min. Copyright RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD 2004 



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"Up North" Trailer

"Up North" - film

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