Restraining Hollywood Presents "TrusT Me"

a Gritty, Dark-Humored, Crime-Drama-Thriller that tells the tale of Pretentious Lawyer John Martin. John gets busted for a crime he didn't commit. Punishment? Yes, he gets sent to Treatment. While in Treatment he realizes he was set up so he hires a bounty-hunter to find the man that tried to destroy his life. John's Ego & Pride are tested dealing with demented & insane people that cause obstacles for him along the way. Not to mention his Career & Reputation are on the line. Will he make it through this Madness? Watch & Find out - Drugs, Drama, Murder & Mayhem!!




 RJ Ruud

Chad Baker

Kristal Cherry

Kareem Wazwaz

Jason Szabo

Brock Dombrovski

Mike Borka

Brandon Van Vliet

& Eric McCulloch as Stevie Atkins


Directed by Brandon Van Vliet

Produced by Brandon Van Vliet

Story & Screenplay by Brandon Van Vliet

Cinematography by Casey Lott, Sean Palmer & Kevin Campbell

Music by Angus

Edited by RJ Ruud


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 112 min. Copyright RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD 2008




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"TrusT Me" Theatrical Trailer

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