Tony D. Czech 

Douglas Sidney 

KariAnn Craig 

Roger Wayne 

Anjel White 

Anika Reitman 

Jimmy Keebs 

Jarrod Crooks

David Otto Simanek

& Craig Diviney as Pebblefoot



Directed by Elliot Diviney

Produced by Brandon Van Vliet

Story & Screenplay by the Brothers Diviney

Director of Photography by Kevin Horn

Audio/Sound by Ben Allison & Jon Mohs

Music/Score & Editing by Elliot Diviney





© Copyright 2012 Diviney Pictures & RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD 



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A group of mysterious villains known as "The Alliance" sets a trap for the Taxpayer.  They imprison him, torture him, and make plans to publicly crucify him.  Local janitor Richard Randolph rounds up retired Superheroes, and hatches a plan to rescue the Taxpayer.  The villains stage a public rally, where many citizens come to watch the Taxpayer's crucifixion.  The heroes invade the bad guy lair, and a large battle ensues.  Various comedic and action-packed musical numbers are intertwined throughout the madness.  In the midst of the big political debate and battle for mankind will the heroes save the day?
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PROBLEM SOLVING THE REPUBLIC is an independent Film from Diviney Pictures & Restraining Hollywood. PSR will have it's World Premiere October 19th 2012 at the TWIN CITIES FILM FESTIVAL. There will be a Cast/Crew Halloween Party 10/31/12 at the Heights Theater in Mpls & then a DVD Release Party 11/7/12 at St. Anthony Maine Theater in Mpls. With all this being said, keep up with us, share the excitement & spread the word so we can all Help Rescue the Taxpayer this election season!


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