Ryan Kiser
Mike Borka
Shannon McDonough
Punnavith Koy
Brent Stariha
Jenelle Kidd
Brandon Van Vliet 

with Tony Czech

& Gary Keast as Killgore

Written & Directed by Elliot Diviney
Produced by Brandon Van Vliet
Director of Photography Chris Hadland
Audio/Sound by Tom Colvin
Zombie Makeup & Special FX by Ryan Schaddelee

Music/Score by Braden Palmer & Elliot Diviney

Edited by Elliot Diviney & Bradley Ward


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Copyright 2011 Diviney Pictures & RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD


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"Potpourri" Theatrical Trailer

"Potpourri" Behind the Scenes

"Potpourri" Teaser Trailer

"Potpourri" World Premiere

"Potpourri" Teaser Trailer 2

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