Restraining Hollywood & Bassett Creek Productions Present "Hunting Buddies"



a Dramatic Thriller about four longtime high school friends who reunite for an annual hunting trip. This year is different as tensions are high as the buddies all seem to be battling personal demons. The once tight group is falling apart at the seams. As one disappears and the group must band together but all is not what it seems. For more info go to The Film's official Website @





Brandon Van Vliet

Doug Sidney

Pete Duffy

Brent Stariha

Matt Kowalski

Jason Szabo

Alex Cole

Ryan Kiser

& Kari Ann Craig as the Sherriff

Directed by Bill Cooper

Produced by Brandon Van Vliet

Screenplay by John Karsko

Story by Jason Szabo & Brandon Van Vliet

Lensed by Nick Hillyard

Audio Sound Design by Tom Colvin

Music Score by Braden Palmer

Edited by John Karsko


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76 min. Copyright RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD & Basset Creek Productions 2009



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"Hunting Buddies" Theatrical Trailer

"Hunting Buddies" Behind the Scenes

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