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  • January 1, 1970


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"Entertainment isn't a Luxury, it's a Necessity.."


Welcome to the Official RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD Website! 

Please take some time, explore the site & check out some of our work. Thanks for Visiting & keep checking in with us for further updates.


2015 : Finally made it to L.A. Had a Busy & Educational year Woking on Many different Projects. Worked on Films "Pale Horse" "Sully" "The Circle" "Popstar: Never Stop Stopping" "Syndicate Smasher" "Middle Man" & "Revival!" - Worked on TV Shows & Network Series such as "WestWorld" "Love" "Kingdom" "American Crime Story" "Cooper Barret's Guid to Survival" "Heartbreaker" "Colony" "Brooklyn 99" "Baskets" "Wicked City" "Lady Dynamite" "Grey's Anatomy" "Snowfall" "Criminal Minds" & "Veep" - Worked on Music Videos from The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Maroon 5 & Hopsin. I even helped Direct, Produce & appeared in a couple different sizzel reels for possible Reality TV shows. Took an Acting Class & Attended a couple different Filmmaking Workshops as well. 


2016 : as of now New Scripts are being Written & Future Projects are in the works for Year! Standby for News & Updates...


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