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  • December 31, 1969


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"Entertainment isn't a Luxury, it's a Necessity.."


Welcome to the Official RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD Website! 

Please take some time, explore the site & check out some of our work. Thanks for Visiting & keep checking in with us for further updates.


2013 was a Busy & Fun Year! Acted in a Short Horror Film called "Christmas Spirit" , in a Sci-Fi/Horror-Comedy Feature Film called "Insectula!" & in a Supernatural, Dramatic/Thriller Short Film called "Go Home" - Locked a Distribution deal for "Potpourri" through Screen Media Films & working on getting one for "Problem Solving the Republic" - Working on a few Feature Length scripts - Going to L.A. in late April/early May to Act in a Horror/Thriller Feature Film from Scream-Queen Jessica Cameron called "Truth or Dare" , be on Tyrel Ventura & Sean Stone's new show "Buzzsaw" & Act in Jahnna Randall's Quirky, Comedy, Web-Series "2 Fur 1" - Back to MN for a few weeks to Move then Back to L.A. to act in a Dramatic Biopic Film by Director Vaughn Juares about Charles Manson called "Bigger Than the Beatles" -- Back to MN again to Premiere the Second Season of our Action Packed, Dark Comedy, Rock n' Roll Web Series "One Night Stand". We're having a screening of all 6 of the Episodes Thursday June 27th at the St. Anthony Maine Theatre in Mpls. -- Helping Produce a Gritty/Thriller, Short Film called "Machination" - 3 Films i Acted in this past year, "Truth or Dare" , "The First Date" & "Go Home" are Screening at the Prestigious Twin Cities Film Fest in late Oct. Acting in a Dramatic/Thriller, Short Film called "Saving the End" , an Action/Thriller, Short Film called "The Yanam Parable" a Comedy, Short Film called "Cody & Dean" & a Crime/Thriller, Short Film called "Other" 


2014 : Not too much to report other than in March i Won Awards for BEST VILLAIN & BEST ONSCREEN KISS for the short Film "Other" at the 2014 Z-Fest Film Festival. in Sept. Acted in Comedy/Action Short Film "Bad Cop, Bad Cop" - in Nov. Acted in Dramatic/Crime/Thriller, Biopic, Feature Film "Hammered" & Acted in Romantic, Dark Comedy Film "Squirrel" - Our older Film "In Harm's Way" got picked up for Foreign Distribution through LeoMark Studios & our Film "Problem Solving the Republic" got picked up for International Distribution through LeoMark Studios as well. I'm Slowly but surely getting ready to make the Move to L.A. like i should've done last year...& as always, New Scripts are being Written & Future Projects are in the works for 2015 - Standby for more News & Updates...


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